We are proud of our culture of innovation that is driven by a team of talented people


Labo 3D is your trusted expert. We know what we are talking about and you can count on us.

Openness and professionalism

At Labo 3D we have a very open mind. We like to share our knowledge to explore and push new limits together. It's about exploring and making sure we can make the best products possible.

Energy and fun

We see the world as our playground and we want to get started and explore it. We are convinced that we must try, make mistakes and learn from them.

Curiosity and creativity

We are always ahead of our time. We do this by having an overview and creating the tools you need right now.

Honesty and helpfulness

If you need help, at Labo 3D we will be the first to lend you a hand. We don't use technical jargon, we are patient and we always try to make sure that you benefit from working with us.

Relaxation and conviviality

At Labo 3D, we don't like formalities. So we dress casually and always prefer the worktop to the meeting room.

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