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Sale of 3D printers and consumables

We offer a wide range of 3D printers and we advise you to buy your 3D printer.

We accompany professionals, individuals and schools in the acquisition of 3D printing equipment and associated services.

Whatever your activity, you can count on our expertise in 3D printing to guide you through our 3D printer offer.

Object modeling & prototyping

We have the experience and technological know-how to offer premium 3D product modeling services to clients in various industries.

We provide customized 3D models based on the needs of clients in the education, medical, and e-commerce industries, as well as many other sectors.

We can create your highly accurate and realistic 3D product models or raw models for prototyping.

Online 3D printing service

Go here and drag and drop your file into the box provided. You will then see your 3d object turning. It's up to you to choose the size of your object, the filling rate of your part and the chosen material.

There are several kinds of filaments, PLA, ABS or special filaments, several colors at your disposal.

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