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Green Stuff Word - Opaque Colors - Dead Flesh - 4112


The Maxx Formula Acrylic Color range is a specially curated and developed line of paints designed for hobby modeling and miniature painting

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GSW Opaque Colors

This range is a specially developed line of paints designed for hobby modeling and miniature painting including 24 unsaturated opaque colors in pigmentation but with a high coverage capacity.

They are not transparent or see-through and when applied to a surface, they cover what's underneath, hiding any previous layers or simply using fewer coats, most of the time just one coat. They are thicker and have a high pigment concentration, which makes them excellent for achieving solid and vibrant color coverage. They are commonly used in crafts, and hobbies like model painting, to create rich and creative finishes.

Use them as a base paint to start your projects, or in those places where high coverage is necessary. Complement them with other model paints or inks to add saturation and color intensity. Dilute it with water or acrylic thinner to be able to use it with an airbrush.

This range is sold in dropper bottles with a metal agitator ball that will allow you a quick mixing. This type of dropper bottle, with the help of its nozzle, will also extend a lot of its shelf life by practically isolating contact with air.

Content: 1x 17ml

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